OUSA Food Festival

Culinary wonders from around the world were on the menu at the International Food Festival on Saturday night at the Museum Reserve, an event organized by the Otago University Student’s Association’s as part of Re-Orientation week.

About 3500 people braved the cold to enjoy a warm plate of international cuisine making the event it’s most successful yet.

19 OUSA clubs and five local businesses who represent a diverse mix of cultures from all around the world such as Fiji, Cambodia, Saudi-Arabia and Africa, were serving up exotic food and flavours from their home land.

Otago University Students Association President, Francesco Hernandez, says the event is important for boosting student morale and is a good chance to “learn a little about different cultures by tasting their food”.

The most popular food of the night was the churros in which people had queued up for as long as 40 minutes for a taste of the Spanish donuts.

The festival had adopted a new token system for health and safety reasons. Foods priced in $2 denominations using tokens bought on site, made for a cheap meal out, suitable for a student’s budget.

To add to the exotic atmosphere, entertainment provided on the night included Dunedin reggae band, Reo, O-Taiko Japanese drummers, a fire show extravaganza and world music ensemble, Mama Yeva.

Belly dancer, Lisa Nyman-Ambrose, says her performance was one of gratitude and thanks for the food on offer,

“I think these foods are really special to the people who are serving them to us and there are stories that go with them. It’s a celebration of the multiculturalism of Dunedin”food festival

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