Hyde St Keg party passes; for now

The future of the Hyde St Keg party is still uncertain, despite organizers claiming this year’s party was a success.

The Otago University Students Association introduced new restrictions this year and declared it a private event for the first time.

Restrictions included limiting numbers to three and a half thousand, a one way door policy after 2pm and a ban on first year students attending.

Also compulsory wrist bans controlled who got in and provided emergency details in case the student got too intoxicated.

This was in response to last year’s party at which more than 5000 attended, several were arrested and many injured after a roof collapsed.

OUSA President, Francesco Hernandez says he believes the restrictions this year didn’t spoil the party and is hopeful it will be allowed to go ahead next year.

“The facts show that students can behave well and drink responsibly” says Mr Hernandez.

Some partygoers started drinking at 5am, dressed in theme. There was loud music, dancing and lots of yahooing right up until the party was closed down at six.


Only nine arrests were made in relation to this year’s Hyde St party but police say only five were students. It was an improvement from last year’s party at which 15 were arrested.

St John Ambulance provided treatment on-site to 59 people by 6pm, St John’s Dunedin team manager Doug Third said – mostly for gross intoxication.

Otago University Vice-Chancellor Harlene Hayne had warned a liquor ban on the university area would be put in place if the riotous behaviour of previous parties were repeated, putting an end to any future Hyde St Keg parties.

Mrs Hayne attended the party and says she is pleased with the behaviour of the students however it was too early to speculate on the party’s future.














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